Slurry Sample Divider


Experience consistent performance with our Sludge/Liquid Divider. Designed for handling difficult materials, it offers reliable and precise division of sludge or liquids.

The Slurry Sample Divider comes in two models:

  • Bench-type Slurry Divider: Suitable for volumes from 1 to 25 Litres.

  • Stand-alone Slurry Divider: Designed for larger capacities of 35 and 50 Litres.

Both versions feature a robust build with a hopper of variable sizes, constructed from durable materials like stainless steel, rubber, and/or plastic. The unit includes a rotary table with an adjustable speed range of 0-62 RPM, operating on 110 volts / 1 phase / 60 hertz, with customization options for different electrical requirements.

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  • Adjustable Speed Rotary Table: Find the ideal operational speed within a range of 0-62rpm, tailored to meet diverse process requirements. 

  • Versatile Receiving Dividers: Our containers come in multiple sizes, ready to accommodate all types of requirements, ensuring precise and convenient collection of samples. 

  • Efficient Design: Any rejected liquid is conveniently collected beneath the rotary table, promoting a cleaner work environment and easier disposal. 

  • Durability and Ease: All components in direct contact with the sludge or liquid are made of stainless steel, providing corrosion resistance, longevity, and straightforward maintenance. 

  • Pre-mixing Shakers: We offer specialized shakers for pre-mixing sedimentary liquids, ensuring optimal consistency before the division process. 

  • Safe and Secure: The system is equipped with an enclosure featuring an interlock safety switch, ensuring operational safety.

  • Mobile and Convenient: A wheeled cart is provided for easy movement of the slurry divider, promoting enhanced workflow and flexibility.