High Efficiency Shaker/Vibrator for WS Tyler Screens


Our High-Efficiency Shaker/Vibrator is designed to outperform existing vibrating or shaker screens in effectiveness and efficiency.

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  • Versatile Compatibility: It is compatible with up to 20 Tyler screens, offering you ample flexibility for various screening requirements. 

  • Electrical Options: The unit is available in a 220-Volt, single-phase configuration, and can operate on either 50 or 60 Hertz, providing adaptability for different electrical systems. 

  • Efficient Clamping: Featuring pneumatic clamping at 70PSIG, the unit prevents warping of covers, sieves, or pans and allows for quick change-outs, streamlining your operation.

  • Workforce Utilization: A single unit can keep two operators busy, optimizing workforce efficiency.

  • Time Management: It comes equipped with a timer to help you easily set sieving cycles, enabling better process control. 

  • Quiet and Stable Operation: Balanced vibration ensures that the unit operates quietly and without drifting, adding to your work environment’s comfort.

  • Adaptability: The unit can be modified to fit a lab bench, making it suitable for both field and lab applications.

  • Assay Screening Options: The shaker frame is configured for either single or double metallics assay screening, available in Alloy 1 and Alloy 2.

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