Multiple Head Pulverizer


Our Multiple Head Pulverizer is tailored for those who require both efficiency and adaptability. With five standard models available – accommodating grinding barrels of sizes 4x1000mL, 4x500mL, 4x250mL, 4x150mL, and 4x100mL – users can effortlessly process up to four samples at once. 

Moreover, for those seeking further flexibility, our 4KG/4x1000 model stands out. This specialized unit can handle a single 4KG grinding barrel, or, if the task demands, four 1000ML grinding barrels simultaneously. 

A tray designed to hold three 50mL containers is compatible with the slot of a single grinding barrel. Utilize four such trays simultaneously on the Multiple-Head Pulverizer to process up to 12 samples concurrently. 

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  • Easy Accessibility: Lightweight aluminum lift doors on both ends allow for unhindered access to grinding barrels. Its double-door design enhances the workflow, ensuring quicker barrel removal and replacement.

  • Tailored Grinding Cycles: The machine features an automatic air clamp and an electronic timer, facilitating customizable grinding durations to match your specific needs. 

  • Built to Last & Perform Quietly: Encased in a sturdy stainless-steel cabinet, it’s designed for longevity. Plus, its sound dampening enclosure ensures a quieter operation environment. 

  • Rapid and Fine Pulverizing: The pneumatic clamping system is crafted for efficient multi-sample processing, achieving an analytical fineness in no time. 

  • Ergonomic Lifting Solutions: Depending on the volume of your work, one or two air hoists can be installed on either side of the machine. While they’re highly recommended for 1Kg barrels or larger, several of our customers find them useful for 250mL or 500mL barrels. These hoists not only ease the task of lifting but, when dual hoists are in play, they speed up the loading and unloading process significantly. 

  • Powerful & Durable: At its core, this pulverizer operates on a heavy-duty motor, ensuring persistent and consistent performance. This powerhouse is encapsulated within a sound-dampening, rugged stainless-steel frame.