About Us

Innovative Machinery for Precision and Performance

Founded in 1974 in Vancouver, British Columbia, TM Engineering has grown to become a trusted name in analytical laboratory and alluvial mining equipment, including Crushers, Pulverizers, Sample Splitters, Drying Ovens, and more.

From starting in a small workshop to expanding into a larger production space, our commitment at TM Engineering has been consistent: to deliver high-quality products and dependable service. We take pride in providing excellent customer support, whether it’s for product replacements or technical assistance.

Quality has always been a top priority for us. We emphasize durability and functionality in all our products, ensuring that they offer great value. A significant portion of our components, even down to the smaller details, is manufactured in-house, allowing us to maintain consistent quality standards.

Today, because of our unwavering commitment to quality and enhancement, TM Engineering products are globally recognized and used.

Made in Canada