Bronto Jaw Crusher


Elevate your rock and material crushing game with the Bronto Jaw Crusher—our largest and most formidable model. Built on the foundation of our industry-leading Terminator Jaw Crusher, the Bronto has been engineered to tackle even the most demanding crushing conditions. 


Featuring an expansive input gap of 7-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ (190.5 mm x 190.5 mm), the Bronto Jaw Crusher has the capability to crush larger rocks and other dry materials faster and more efficiently than any comparable jaw crusher on the market.

For those in need of a jaw crusher that performs in the toughest conditions, the Bronto Crusher sets a new standard.

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  • Auto Lubrication System: Utilizes fully sealed bearings and a dedicated grease container to ensure no sample contamination.

  • Adjustable Jaw Opening: Ranges from 0″ to 3″ at the bottom (0 to 76.2 mm), effortlessly adjusted via a user-friendly screw mechanism. The ingenious design supports a larger-than-standard opening while maintaining durability for high-demand applications. 

  • High-Powered Motors: Choose between a 7.5 HP or 10 HP motor, with the option for explosion-proofing in specialized applications. 

  • Variable Speed Control: Features a wired remote control for variable speed settings, including an explosion-proof variant for special requirements. 

  • Industry-Specific Customization: Ideal for the polysilicon sector, featuring specialized components like tungsten, UHMW, and polyurethane lining to prevent contamination.

  • Design Flexibility: Available with full environmental enclosures, optional integration with a Rotary Sample Splitter, lifting mechanisms, and more. Custom design options to suit individual customer requirements.