Rod and Ball Mill


Our Rod/Ball Mill is designed for both versatility and quiet operation, thanks to its sound-dampening enclosure. The mill comes with a 1-2HP motor, depending on chamber size, and offers a variable speed controller that can be adjusted from 1 to 100 RPM, with customization available based on customer needs. 

The machine is encased in steel fabrication with a sheet metal enclosure for added durability and noise reduction. Its balanced yoke allows for easy transitioning between its horizontal and vertical operational positions, requiring minimal effort for loading and unloading. 

One of its standout features is the interchangeable cylinder system, ideal for research or pilot plant tests. Cylinder sizes range from a 5-inch inside diameter by 12-inch length to a 13-inch diameter by 22-inch length, and they can be swapped out in just minutes. The unique cover design ensures a quick and secure seal, and the mill itself is mounted on heavy-duty casters for easy mobility and storage.

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  • Speed Flexibility: Equipped with an optional variable speed controller ranging from 1 to 100 RPM. Custom speeds available.

  • Quiet Operation: Sound-dampening enclosure ensures a quieter work environment. 

  • Cylinder Versatility: Choose from a range of cylinder sizes for different research or testing needs.

  • Ease of Use: Balanced yoke simplifies transition between horizontal and vertical positions. 

  • Mobility: Comes with heavy-duty casters for easy placement and storage. 

  • Quick-Seal Cover: Unique lid design for fast, secure sealing. 

  • Lid Options: Choose between a tiltup or sliding lid. Both options are fully enclosed to suppress noise, offering you a quieter operation while maintaining robust performance. With its rugged steel frame, this Rod/Ball Mill is a reliable and convenient choice for your milling needs.